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  1. We attended our grandsons t-ball game last night 6/27/17. After the game the coach handed out trophies to the players with their names on them. I thought “how neat that those were being given to all of the players”! Was awesome watching their faces as they each went to get theirs as their name was called. 😊 Our grandson was anxiously waiting on the bench when the coach says “and the last one goes to” —, and it was not him. He handled it very well for a 5 year old but was disappointed. Would you please make sure that they do get him one. His name is Corbin Temple. 😊 Thank you.

    1. Hello Nancy,

      I am sorry for this our coaches should have checked the trophies before handing them out. Please let me know if the situation was taken care of I have forwarded this on to the URICRA president.

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